28 Mind Blowing Star Wars Rogue One Fan Posters

Mind Blowing Rogue One Fan Posters

Star Wars Rogue One Fan Posters You Say? With Star Wars Rogue One: A Star Wars Story set for release on December 16, it’s got people buzzing with excitement!

The prospect of getting to see their beloved universe from a whole new angel is being anticipated by millions. It’s no secret I have my heart set on seeing when it hits the big screen just before Christmas.

Star Wars Has Some Very Talented Fans

It’s also no secret that the Star Wars anthology has one of the biggest fan bases in history. Among those fans are some very talented artists.

As such those fans never seem to miss an opportunity to flex their skill set. Showing their appreciation for their favourite movies through their creative works. As a fan myself, I wanted to put together a list of some of the best fan made posters for the new Star Wars Rogue One film.

The Official Star Wars Rogue One Poster

The official poster release. Provided so you can compare to the fan artwork. The artist behind this was probably paid thousands of dollars. Yet, the rest simply did it for their love of Star Wars! Making them all the more impressive. So, without further ado.


Star Wars Rogue One Fan Poster 1: Full Metal Rogue

Obviously tongue in cheek, this incredible parody work is inspired by the cover of Full Metal Jacket. The level of detail and the time it must have taken to create this beautiful piece is really something quite special when you think about it.



Star Wars Rogue One Fan Poster 2: Rogue Anime

Although I wouldn’t say this stricted looks like something from a Manga comic book. Its definitely got a very japanese animated feel to it. It’s very beautiful nonetheless.

Star Wars Rogue One Fan Poster 3: Rogue Dramatica

I’m not certain if this was inspired to imitate another work. It’s got great colouring feeling to it. Why do I love this one? The colours are amazing and it’s action packed and dramatic as hell! Maybe a little too much so. But it’s very pretty to look at.


Star Wars Rogue One Fan Poster 4: Rogue Of The Jedi

To me this piece reminds me heavily of the third installment of the original trilogy. Just replace that face with Luke Skywalkers and I think Return of the Jedi would be screaming at you. No doubt. – Look at that, I Googled “No Doubt Star Wars” and I got a YouTube video of the band playing the Imperial March. Epic!


Star Wars Rogue One Fan Poster 5: Going Old School Rogue One

This poster to me has go a very 2001 Space Odyssey feel to it, it’s reminiscent of the old 60 & 70’s movie posters with a washed out watercolour palette. Do you see it? Okay moving on…



Next Up Fan Poster 6: Rogue One if it were part of the Prequels?

This one has definitely go the look of DVD covers from the prequels. Whether you’re a fan of the prequels or not, you have to admit this is an impressive piece of artwork. Especially when you consider the very limited amount of score material people have to work with. Because likely they’re cutting out stills from the available trailers to get the characters likeness into frame.

Star Wars Rogue One Fan Poster 7: Rogue Epic One!

This is just a beautiful piece of art. Its definitely got a retro feel, a throwback to the era of hand painted VHS box covers. Maybe it lacks some of the slickness of other posters. Yet, unlike many of the others, which art simply using photoshop to cut and paste elements from the trailers together. This one is truely work of art. The form and the concept are really something to behold. In fact the longer you look at it the more impressive it gets.


Rogue One Fan Poster 8: Simple But Striking

This Rogue One fan poster isn’t as detailed or intricate as many of the others on this list, but it’s effective. It certainly got some beautiful colour. It’s a professional and slick piece. To believe it was done by a fan is impressive. I wish I could find people to do graphics for my company like this free of charge just because they loved what I do. If you are interested in doing something like that for me, let’s talk. 😉


Rogue One Fan Poster 9: A Dramatic Darth Vader

This is actually one of my personal favourites, it’s extremely striking and ominous. Simple but effective on so many levels.


10th of the Rogue One Fan Posters: Vhs is back in town?

Again this looks very much like the old hand paint VHS box covers. Great artwork.


Rogue One One Fan Poster (Or 11 if you get it?): Vogue One?

I’m not really sure what this one reminds me of. Because it certainly reminds me of something. Again it’s a classic retro sci-fi feel.


12. A Star Wars Odyssey: Rogue 2001

Sorry, but that’s an amazing pun even if I do say so myself. Don’t you agree? Yes, this poster has a lot of inspiration from the Space Odyssey artwork if you ask me. Maybe a few other classic Sci-Fi epics from a gone-by era.


13. Another Rogue One Fan Poster That Imitates The Prequels

This one looks very much of the prequels age again, a great piece of artwork nonetheless.


14. X-Wing vs Tie Fighter (+ Star Destroyer)

The thing I love about this one compared to the others is it’s unique perspective. It almost puts you in the action seat. Strangely though I think this one would have worked better if it was more photorealistic. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a wonderful piece of artwork and I don’t wish to knock the skill involved in this in anyway. But I’d love to see this exact piece, but with a photo look instead. Because in my opinion it would only add to the amazing and dark atmosphere this piece already has. That’s just my two cents though.



15. Rogue One Rebel Logo

Much like the Darth Vader one in red I think this one also works well in it’s simplicity. The only thing that throws me off is I’m fairly sure I recognise that exact photoshop effect used on the logo. But that’s just me being overly picky.



16. This is not the Rogue One Fan Poster you are looking for!

Oh come on. Sure this has nothing to do with droids, but I had to drop it somewhere. Here seemed as good a place as any. Strangely I feel like this piece has the feel of my dad’s work about it. It’s very much in his style.


17. Look At The Size Of That Thing

The poster I mean. Look at it! It’s about 10 feet tall. Okay I’m exaggerating. But you have to agree, it’s very slim and tall poster design. Because it’s such a wonderfully done piece we’ll give the artist a pass though. Only this time though. Certainly appreciating the washed out watercolour effect this one has. Now moving on…



18. Not a poster so much

Okay next up, this one isn’t strictly a poster, but I like it enough to include it. Beautifully sketched style artwork and great desaturated colour pallet.



19. They’re moving too fast

I can’t get a lock. Oh wait it’s just blurred. Although I think this is a great and simplistic piece. I really feel it would have been better if the X-Wing didn’t have the blur effect. Maybe that, or at least if it was less intense. Of course, that’s just my opinion though.



20. Epic Star Destroyer Poster

Talk about the underdog in a dogfight. There’s a lone X-Wing fighter. Which is facing off to a Star Destroyer. It’s like it going up against a death star on it’s own. Wait a sec… The Doom and Gloom grey’s of this piece give it tons of atmosphere. It’s solid, simple and striking. You could say it’s forceful? Huh? Yeah, maybe not. 🙁



21. An X-Wing Sun Set: Lion-Wing?

While the colours in this poster sort of remind me of the Lion King Poster. Come on tell me it doesn’t? Maybe this was intentional because of the Disney connection? It’s still a cool and original design piece.



22. Rogue Gear Solid?

I don’t know I’m sort of running out of quirky ideas at this point. The camo reminds me of a Metal Gear Game.


23. Breathtaking

Not much I can really say about this one. It’s just awesome.



24. Stunning & Beautiful

I really have to believe that this was a dolled up cosplay photo that someone had lying around that they put into Photoshop. If someone photoshopped this from other elements or worse still draw most of it by hand I think most graphic artists should just give up. Thankfully I think my first conclusion is the most likely. Not because I doubt that someone could be that talented. But because someone that talented shouldn’t be making Fan Art. They should have people mimicking them.


25. VHS Strikes Back

Another one that looks like the 80’s has come back from the dead to rule the roost. Ever since I saw Stranger Things a couple of months ago. It’s been very apparent that many fashions from my youth are coming back with avengence.



26. Star Wars Rogue One: The Game

This one kind of looks like the design I would see on a game box. Especially an old school one. Like one of those upward scrolling shoot-em-ups. I can’t name one though.


27. Here’s one I made earlier.

Like literally, not even joking, I made this before anyone had even heard of Rogue One let alone even thought about making a fan poster for it, but I edited in Jyn Erso’s head from one of the other fan posters and slapped the logo on. This is certainly not meant to be a serious entry on this list. But I am pretty proud of this piece. It took several hundred layers to make in photoshop and about 24 hours of solid work. Including the one crash where I lost about 8 hours worth of progress. But as no one else is going to have this on their list, it makes mine more original. 😉


28. WTF: Troll One Oh One

Yeah this one is purely a joke. It’s just aimed at pissing off as many people as possible in one photo. Look at it and scream in terror.



May The Force Be With You

Star Wars Rogue One Trailer 3:

As this list was inspired by the release of the new Star Wars Rogue One trailer. Which is totally epic BTW. It only seems fitting to include it. So what did you think of our little list, did I miss any really good ones? What ones would you have selected? Let me know in the comment section below.