Luke Gibson
Luke Jon Gibson

Creative Marketing:

Luke started his career in creative marketing while living in Australia in 2006. Over the last 10 years he has built an impressive portfolio of creative marketing strategies that have been implemented across platforms such as websites, creative writing, viral campaigns, social media profiles and online advertising.

Projects include:

  • OzHead Hair & Beauty
  • Appleleaf Interior Design
  • The Raven Age
  • Soul Sanctuary
  • Metal Empire
  • OzFax
  • Tetrabyte
  • OzMedia
  • Maid Of Ace
  • Ian Gibson (Comic Artist)
  • Flairz Venue Bar
  • The Pig In Paradise
  • Beau Hill
  • Acadaer
  • Churchill Brighton
  • Scenes Of Reason
  • Kehillat Israel
  • Justin Saul Magic

Luke Gibson Biography:

Luke Gibson is a creative marketing expert, musician and producer from Hastings East Sussex, England.

Using his experience from over 10 years as a freelance professional designer and producer he founded White Label SEO ltd, the parent company of Trippella Travel, GibsonFX Creative Media and K&G Advertising, where he currently holds the appointment as CEO & Manager Director.

Luke also is the acting Editor in Chief of Metal Empire. An online rock & metal music magazine featuring news, reviews, interviews and videos related to the genre.

Other hobbies and professional interests include music and film production, such as sound engineering, audio CD Mastering, video editing, music video direction and live & recorded music performances. He is also an avid gaming fan, keen writer and is passionate about many subjects including astrophysics, molecular biology, quantum mechanics, evolutionary genetics, string theory, philosophy and numerous political ideologies.