Groots Bloody Groots – Sepultura (Parody Music Video)

Groots Bloody Groots is a video I made a while back. A parody of Roots Bloody Roots by Sepultura. It went viral and got featured in some really cool places. Not bad for something that took me all of 3 or 4 hours. Start to finish. At the time I didn’t have this site set up. So I’m reposting it for old time sake and to flesh out the content on my new site.

I got some great coverage when I posted Groots Bloody Groots. Although a couple of places got my name wrong, haha. Here are some sample quotes I got from various publications. There was quite a lot more than this, but I just choose a few of the better ones.

Groots Bloody Groots Reviews:

“I don’t think this requires any explanation.” – Metal Sucks

“I think this is both brilliant and hilarious” – Metal Injection

“It took a while, but one very talented motherfucker named Luke Gibson finally figured out that the name of the most lovable character in Guardians of the Galaxy rhymes with Sepultura’s most well-known album and song.” – Bloody Disgusting

“This parody video totally made my day.” – Geeks Of Doom

“You thought Groot was made of wood? WRONG. Groot is 100% pure, grade A [expletive deleted] metal.” – The Mary Sue

“A parody of the Sepultura classic has probably been thought of for a while with the ‘star’ of the Marvel film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Nothing more than to enjoy the humorous mash-up, that will probably forever replace the original lyrics with the new ones.” – The Metalist

“Warning: Heavy Metal.” – Geeks Are Sexy

Even more reviews:

“While surfing the interwebs, I found this hilarious mash up between Guardians of the Galaxy and Sepultura. GROOTS BLOODY GROOTS! Watch that shit.” – The Circle Pit

“OK, it’s a slow news day and everyone loves them some Groot. In the spirit of the fact that I can bet you’d rather watch Groot dance than do any actual work, here he is with his own Sepultura inspired song.” – You Bent My Wookie

“Luke Gibson of Mastering Engineer has created “Groots Bloody Groots“, a mashup parody of the 2014 Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy and the 1996 song “Roots Bloody Roots” by Sepultura. The mashup features Baby Groot who taps into his heavy metal roots while rocking out to the song.” – Laughing Squid

“His trademark phrase “I Am Groot” sounds enough like Sepultura’s “Roots Bloody Roots” that some YouTube prankster has made “Groots Bloody Groots.” It’s moderately entertaining! And only the second time this year that “Roots Bloody Roots” has been turned into something other than “Roots Bloody Roots!”” – Metal Insider

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