Chronicles of Organised Chaos & Rational Insanity: In the Beginning

Riot In The Street Smashing Cars
Car in the street is smashed by rioters.

In the “Aftermath” of Brexit, tempers flared and all hell broke lose. It was quite the sceptical. Although let’s face it, even I -who wholeheartedly disagrees with Brexit- recognise it’s a little too early to be screaming “we’re all gonna die” just yet, but as many people seem to be convinced the party is dying down, especially on the winning side, and that the Remain campaign were just throwing their toys out of the pram because they lost, essentially just rubbing Remains noses in it (Pretending they would have never acted the same way if the shoe was on the other foot. We even have proof they’re lying) it was all a big calamity over some rich people being slightly poorer. While this might be in the ball park of truth for the time being, it’s insanely naive to think, even for a second, that this party has even started yet.