Science Fail: Who Needs More Sleep? Women or Men?

Asian Woman Yawning

So which gender needs more sleep? Men or Women? You have to love it when there’s these silly studies that appear on social media. Obviously so full of bullshit and are only interested in causing conflict and driving a gap between the genders.

These kind of things only seem to be trying to prove some sort of moral superiority on either side of men or women. Once again science has failed us, below is a screen cap of a Facebook post I saw that shows two studies both claiming proof of total opposites. I really have to wonder who conducts these studies.Women Need More Sleep

What The Studies Say?

“Women tend to require more sleep than men because of their “complex” brains, according to research.

“Scientists found that around 20 minutes more sleep was needed by women compared to men – and said this was thought to be because the female brain works harder during the day.”

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“Scientists in Finland decided to have a look at the effect that lack of sleep had on absences from work. They looked at 3,760 men and women to determine just how much sleep was needed to ensure that people were fit for work.

“They worked out that the optimal amount of sleep for women is 7.6 hours and for men it is 7.8.

“They also estimate that if sleep disturbances could be prevented, sleep-related illness and absence from work could be reduced by 28 per cent.”

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So who is telling the truth? Is anyone? Is any of this based in truth, or are both just stupid statistical anomalies created by small sample sizes and a gender bias of whoever is looking at the data? I’m definitely leaning towards the latter.